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From its hilltop position in the heart of the UK, Nottingham has always been an important city for trade, manufacturing and innovation.

Beginning life as a small settlement in the 6th century, the city went on to be an important centre for trade in the 1800s, becoming renowned for its production of lace and knitted fabrics in particular.

Today, Nottingham continues her trading success as a modern-day business superpower. More than 50 well-known companies have chosen the city and its surrounds to establish their headquarters, including Experian, Center Parcs, Paul Smith, and Boots – whose founder, John Boot, opened his first shop in the city back in 1849.

Smaller businesses are also enjoying great success, growing 17 times faster than the national average, while the financial technology and life sciences sectors are expanding quicker than anywhere else in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, Nottingham attracts high-calibre candidates to its higher education institutions and enjoys a buzzing job market.

This has given Nottingham property investment a significant boost, where demand continues to come from those keen to take advantage of the many opportunities that the city affords.

What Makes Nottingham Distinctive?

Nottingham is full of cultural delights. It has Michelin-star restaurants, one of the largest contemporary art centres in the UK and hosts the annual Nottingham Festival of Words, welcoming 125 writers every year.  In recognition of the city’s literary heritage and its commitment to improving literacy, the city was awarded the permanent status of UNESCO City of Literature in 2015.

Of course, any introduction to Nottingham would be amiss without a mention of the city’s most famous son – Robin Hood. He is honoured with a statue in the grounds of the 11th-century Nottingham castle, and his favourite stomping grounds – Sherwood Forest – provides a welcome retreat from the city for outdoor enthusiasts.

Nottingham 2.0

Many key regeneration and development projects are currently underway across the city and its surrounds, strengthening the Nottingham property investment landscape.

The £250m Broadmarsh regeneration will create a grand entrance into the south of the city centre, bringing with it a new shopping centre, modern library, public square and city hub for students. These developments, set for completion in 2021, are expected to boost the local economy by over £1.1bn per decade, create nearly 3,000 jobs and bring in an extra three million tourists a year.

The site of the grade II-listed Guildhall Place is undergoing a £120m redevelopment that will see the creation of a four-star hotel and restaurant, as well as offices, shops and a student accommodation complex.

In 2017, more than £500m was invested into Nottinghamshire through shop and bar openings, office moves and industrial acquisitions, marking an 11-year investment high. This is a response to growing demand for leisure, retail, office and industrial space which saw major deals made with companies including Siemens and HomeServe.

Transport and Travel

Transport plays a major role in Nottingham’s current wave of regeneration with £1bn already invested in the city’s infrastructure.

Nottingham’s award-winning bus and tram networks continue to expand, ensuring efficient inner-city travel, quick commutes and reduced congestion.

The new East Midlands Hub of the planned HS2 high-speed rail network, situated in Toton on the outskirts of the city, will see travel time to London slashed to less than an hour. Furthermore, the station will become the best-connected outside of the capital. The Hub, along with the larger East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy, is set to boost the economy by £4bn and create thousands of new jobs.

Centrally located in the UK, 77% of the population live within a four-hour drive of Nottingham. The M1, M6 and M5 offer quick gateway access to key cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham while East Midlands airport is also within easy reach.

World-Class Higher Education

Nottingham boasts a student population of 60,000 and two world-class, award-winning universities – the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University – both of which are internationally renowned for their research excellence.

The city also offers a wealth of postgraduate employment opportunities within a stable and flourishing job market and the biggest business centre in the East Midlands with a range of specialist companies, established names and vibrant start-ups.

Nottingham Property Investment: Key Stats

With such intensive regeneration, a desirable location and unparalleled opportunities across the universities, hospitals, big corporates and smaller start-ups, it’s no surprise that Nottingham is one of the highest performing property investment locations in the UK.

Some Nottingham postcodes saw rental yields of 11.99% in 2018 – the highest in the UK – while property prices in the city as a whole grew by 5.7%. The cost of living ranks as one of the best in the UK and on average, residents have more disposable income than anywhere in the country.

With an average house price of £136k, it’s a great time to invest in Nottingham buy to let. We have exciting new launches in Nottingham coming up – the first of which will be Sherwood Square. To get exclusive early access, you can request a brochure here.