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As you may already know if you’re a keen reader of our blog, the Birmingham buy to let housing market is growing more and more appealing by the day. Major regeneration and infrastructure investment is transforming the city, injecting both a substantial boost into the local economy and the job market.

Billed as “the new London”, the High-Speed HS2 railway line is one of the key components making such positive change. On completion, it will reduce Birmingham to London travel time to just 49 minutes making it a very realistic alternative for those who wish to switch the overly bright lights of the capital for a more relaxed pace of life.

Major Economic Growth

The HS2 project is also creating a huge amount of jobs closer to home. A new report suggests that Construction will support 15,000 jobs in the engineering, design and building sectors by 2020 with 30,000 jobs supported at peak construction phase.

HS2 Chief Executive Mark Thurston has praised this “sustainable pipeline of jobs” that is driving economic growth UK-wide. New initiatives will be launched over the coming year to motivate the younger generation into transport infrastructure-related careers.

Home and Away

A new Job Brokerage Service will simplify access to jobs created by the HS2 supply chain, while a new Secondary Education Engagement Programme will help those interested in transport infrastructure careers.

All of these developments are boosting the appeal of the city to both homegrown Brummies and those from further afield considering a move to the city.

We always advise our clients to take advantage of property investment opportunities – and the time is now if you wish to make the most of your Birmingham property investment.

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