Student Property Investments

Student Property Investments are investment properties that are purchased with the sole purpose of being rented by students. These types of properties often come with a low-entry price point and can benefit from good rental yields over the course of the academic year.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Purpose Built Student Accommodation has been one of the most in-demand investment types over the past few years as low supply and increasing student numbers has driven investor demand. In 2021, the PBSA investment sector hit $2 billion following the ending of restrictions as a result of the pandemic.

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Why Should I Invest In Student Accommodation?

The number of students attending universities in the UK is on the rise. As such, students need a place to stay while studying. With a typical university degree lasting between 3-4 years, many students will choose to live close to the university campus. This places a high demand on student-friendly properties in city centres creating access to full-time occupancy.

How Do I Invest In Student Property?

Student accommodation generally has a lower-entry price point as you’re often securing a room within a wider property, with some being available for under £60,000. Firstly, it’s important to do some research to decide if Student property investments in the UK are right for you. Then speak with a member of our specialist investment team who will help you find the right student property investment for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing in Student Accommodation?

As PBSAs are always popular and in some cases, essential for first year students, the opportunity to generate immediate rental yields remains high. With onsite building management, you’re able to operation your asset as a hands-off investment and allow the day-to-day management to be taken care of.

In cases where the property is off-plan, you can often benefit from entry-price points which are below market value.

What Should I Consider When Investing In Student Accommodation

The most important first step is to consider the location – is the city or town densely populated with students? Does it benefit from multiple universities? These are factors that are going to ensure that occupancy remains high during term time.

It’s also vital to explore the transformation and regeneration schemes taking place in the area as this is a good indicator for the potential to gain higher yields as the city becomes more appealing for students both domestically and overseas.

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