How To Invest In UK Real Estate

How to invest in property in the UK

The UK property market is one of the world’s most attractive propositions for investors looking to gain strong returns on their assets. But with so much to choose from, how do you invest in property in the UK? Our expert team have put together some handy updates to help you navigate your way through the market.

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Looking For A Place To Invest?

If you’re looking for a place to invest in the UK Property market, it’s important to consider what your investment goals are. This will help you find the perfect place to invest. Currently, cities in the north of England are performing best with Manchester & Liverpool leading the way.

Our Pick Of The Best Places In The UK

While each property has its own set of unique selling points, our top picks for the best places in the UK sit within the North of England in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool & Birmingham.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Invest In Buy To Let

Provided the property location is chosen wisely, buy to let represents a lucrative asset and bricks and mortar investment that provides regular returns and diversifies a healthy investment portfolio. As a highly flexible opportunity, buy-to-let investment can support those investors looking for yield, growth or a good balance of the two.

It is essential to choose your location wisely and invest in property in an area that will remain strong during periods of market downturn thanks to a strong supply-demand balance with a steady stream of desirable tenants from your target market.

Overall, UK buy-to-let property investment has been the strongest investment market for decades and has remained resilient despite the introduction of new, more stringent regulations. It continues to outperform other mainstream asset classes, and its appeal is boosted by the fact that interest rates remain historically low.

With buy to let, investors can also benefit from both short- and long-term income streams in the form of rental returns and capital appreciation, as the value of the property grows over time. As house prices in the UK’s property investment hotspots continue to rise year-on-year thanks to low supply and high demand, investors can expect strong capital appreciation to boost their rental income if and when the time comes to sell their property.


Off-plan property investment means investing in a property either before or during the construction process. Broadly speaking, the earlier you invest, the cheaper it will be. Off-plan properties offer the opportunity to invest at far below-market rates, often by as much as 20%. There is also the possibility of high capital growth that comes with investing in luxury property in a prime location before it hits competitive market prices. With many developments entirely sold out before completion and located in areas of low supply and high demand, it is often the only way for investors to access the most desirable properties in key areas. Many off-plan investments are also extremely flexible when it comes to the deposit where payments can often be split incrementally over weeks or months.

With this type of investment, it’s essential to consider any factors that may impact on the property value in the future, such as general investment into local infrastructure which will push up property prices. You also need to consider the build itself and which amenities, fittings and value-added features will be included as this is likely to generate higher, more consistent returns on completion. Investing in the right area and choosing a reputable, reliable developer with a strong track record are the best ways to guarantee the success of your investment – for expert support with off-plan investment, contact our specialist team today.


The Northern Powerhouse is a collection of key cities and towns offering some of the best rental yields and house price growth in the whole of the UK. Thanks to huge investments being made as part of the commitment to increase the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy and revive the area’s strong industrial heritage, these cities are boasting huge levels of job creation and economic prosperity, which in turn has seen unprecedented demand for high-quality housing.

Invest And Create An Unforgettable Story

To ensure your property investment works for you, it’s important to plan in advance what you’re hoping to achieve, whether its increased cash-flow from short term lets, or profit from a resale as the market continues to grow. Make a list of places you’d like to invest, your budget, type of apartment and any other amenities – then give Alesco a call on 0203 819 7366.

Where Is It Most Profitable To Invest In Housing In The UK?

Our extensive market research has presented the North of England as the most profitable for property investors. Thanks to the Northern Powerhouse initiative and key regeneration projects in the North, off plan property has become the most sought after option for those looking to profit from such a robust market.

What Are The Most Profitable Investments?

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve from your property investment, there are different options that can prove equally profitable. Based on current market trends, 2-Bed apartments are proving to be in high demand as tenants seek more space to live and work following the pandemic. Over the past 12 months, they’re seen as the best property investment among our clients.


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