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Low interest rates mean savers are looking for other ways to make their money work for them

Low interest rates are the last thing that savers want to see. When the Bank of England announced the latest cut to just 0.25%, those with money in savings accounts breathed a collective sigh.

Cautious investors like the safety of having money in the bank, but many are now looking for opportunities to get it working.

£50,000 in an ISA will not see much growth in the current financial climate, but investors £50,000 can achieve double-digit returns if they invest, particularly if they choose to invest in the alternative market.

Alesco Director Conor Edwards has this advice for people wanting to take advantage of low interest rates:

“The recent lowering of the Bank of England base rate works well for investors who are looking to leverage their investments as mortgage lenders often follow suit, some of the deals on offer at present are at record lows!

Anyone looking to move into investments from savings should definitely seek specialist advice from professionals with the experience of this type of high yielding hands off investments.

You need to make sure that the product fits in with your own needs before making an informed buying decision.”