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Buying the right property at the right price is the foundation of every good investment. We focus on new builds here at Alesco where prices generally come as standard.

However, when it comes to older properties, you – as the buyer – are firmly in the negotiation driving seat. Of course, whether you should haggle very much depends on if your property is in high demand in which case sellers will be less keen to bring the price down.

This might be due to the location, current market situation or the time of year – for example, buying a buy to let just before students will be looking for accommodation for the new school year.

Whenever you can, use the buyer’s market to your advantage especially if you are aware that the buyer needs to sell quickly, if the property needs work or any other gain that you can use.

And whatever you do, don’t rush the decision as every property investment should be well-thought-out and designed to fit with your goals. For further guidance on making the right decision with your property investment, call Alesco today.