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After a busy week in property, economics and politics, it can be very difficult to see sense when there is so much noise. With this in mind, we have put together a brief overview of how property remains one of the strongest assets available and how best to take advantage of the current market.

Here’s a breakdown of these fundamentals:

  • Buy Off-Plan – Below Market Value.

A new build comes with a plethora of benefits including 10-year warranties and low maintenance costs. However, the key benefit remains the same – securing the best-priced property which in turn, allows you to maximise your capital growth.

  • Long-term Investment & Location Location Location

The key is looking into the future. By planning your investment strategy over a 5-10 year period you have the best chance of maximising a return on investment. Combining this with investing in areas of regeneration will all but guarantees a strong returning asset.

  • Rental Income

This is the number one reason for property investment. It’s not only to generate a return on your capital through market growth but to also gain a strong and stable residual income. No other asset provides this dual stream of return in such a reliable format.

  • Bricks and Mortar

As always, a bricks & mortar asset is an insurance policy in tougher market conditions. Unlike stocks, shares, crypto etc. which are volatile, property remains strong and stable. Recent policy changes from the government including a focus on stamp duty savings only further emphasise that property is the key to the UK economy.