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诺丁汉的业务正在蓬勃发展。小型公司的增长速度是全国平均水平的17倍,金融科技和生命科学领域的增长速度超过了英国的任何地方,该市是东米德兰兹最大的商业中心。近年来,已投入10亿英镑用于基础设施建设,从而形成了出色的有轨电车系统和屡获殊荣的公交网络。最重要的是,目前正在进行2.5亿英镑的重建,这将是一个改造后的购物中心和新的“城市中心”大学校园。新的东米德兰中心HS2 – 计划中的高速铁路网络 – 将把到伦敦的旅行时间缩短到不到一个小时。凭借2018年英国最高的租金收益率 – 以及两所世界一流的大学和稳定的就业市场进一步推动了对优质住宿的需求 – 诺丁汉代表了买入让投资者的一个有利可图的选择。

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"Bought in Nottingham. My property is currently being built. Very pleased with the process. Vicky Pearson from the development side was great to me on the day I visited and I received my first construction update last month"

Peter Leshchyenskyy

"Good Service, based abroad so the whole process has been handled remotely, impressed by the level of detail provided on my apartment prior to completion. I will update this review when it completes in April 2020"

Gillian Magaziner

"Very happy with my purchase through Alesco. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Not too pushy and accommodating unlike other agencies in the area. Overall happy and would recommend."

Alita Perez

"Have been receiving emails for some time and recently visited their office in Hangzhou to reserve an apartment"

Jason Yuan

"First time investing 'off plan' - I have always been weary of parting with capital with building works still to be completed, Alesco have put me into a property in Birmingham where only 10% was required prior to completion and this is insured under NHBC"

James Biddlecombe

"Purchased in BW Point, Manchester, very pleased with the quality of finish upon completion. Thanks to all at Alesco"

Mr O’Leary

"I have recently been approached to provide a testimonial on Alesco. Happy to do so as their service was second to none! My investment is performing well and I am still in close contact with Hannah and James."

Mahmud Nazim

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