Treetops Hotel & Spa

Afan Valley

Project Description

Set within the highly anticipated Afan Valley Adventure Resort, The Treetops Hotel & Spa is a luxury 5* hotel investment opportunity in South Wales.


This two-story hotel will effortlessly blend into the natural and dramatic topography of the landscape to deliver the ultimate in luxury accommodation.


We now have just 7 rooms left, all available with developer finance. This means you can purchase a large double room worth £100,000 with a cash input of only £50,000. The remainder is paid through your rental income over three years.


The Afan Valley Adventure Resort will be one of Europe’s largest outdoor adventure parks, with the vast amount of activities available attracting visitors all year round.


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Hotel Market Information

Tourism in the UK is booming. The sector is predicted to grow 3.8% per annum and be worth £257.4bn by 2025. The UK welcomed a record 39.2m overseas visitors in 2017; boosted by the low value of the pound, this figure is set to increase to 41.7m in 2018.

Unsurprisingly, the UK has become a hotspot for private investors, with a recent survey by the CRBE finding the UK to be the most sought-after destination in Europe for hotel real estate investment in 2018.

Tourism currently contributes 5.1bn to the Welsh economy, with £494m of this coming from outdoor adventure tourism.

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