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How Care Home Investments Work

29 06 2019

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How Care Home Investments Work

29 06 2019

Investing in care homes has become an increasingly popular way to strengthen and diversify a healthy portfolio, but how does such an investment work and what should investors be looking for?

The Basics and Benefits of Care Home Investment As a hands-off, high-yield investment, invest[...]

How to Choose a Property That Tenants will Love

23 06 2019

What renters want has developed dramatically in recent years, and the quality of rental accommodation is improving to match. In 2019, it is not enough to merely provide a clean, secure and attractive property. Investors should focus their interests on developments that give renters what they want. But what exactly does that mean?

The Most Desirable Buy-to-let Property Features With populations becoming increasingly mobile [...]

Property or Stock: Which Delivers the Best Return?

15 06 2019

Whether you’re starting out with investments or seeking to build and diversify your portfolio, it’s essential to compare your options to make an informed decision.

Every investor will have their own unique circumstances and needs. However, property investment[...]

Manchester vs London - How do These Cities Compare?

08 06 2019

When we consider the potential of Manchester vs London through the property investment lens, we must first take a broader look and then zoom in on the key features that will support investors in choosing one city over the other.

Both the capital city of London and the UK’s “second city” of Manchester are prime destinations[...]

The Rise of the UK Rental Generation

02 06 2019

There’s no denying that getting on the property ladder is a significant challenge for many people today. However, renting is also becoming an increasingly attractive option. As the number of people renting continues to rise, we look at some of the driving forces and what it means for property investors.

Continued increases in property prices mean that taking the first step on the property ladder i[...]

Hotel Lobby

What is next for UK’s £20bn Hotel Industry?

25 05 2019

The British hotel industry has never been stronger, and the forecast remains positive. Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that the hospitality industry turnover has increased by £12bn since 2015 and the hotel industry, in particular, is playing a major part in this success.

The hotel industry is currently worth more than £20bn and the weak pound continues to attract overseas tourists, but Brexit is giving potential investors cause for concern. Is there genuine reason to be worried, or should we continue to view investment into the hotel industry in a positive light?

Capital City Investment Looking at PwC’s Hotels Forecast, we can see that the outlook for Lond[...]

Join Us in London For Exclusive Investment Seminar

21 03 2019

Join us for a free seminar on getting 12% assured returns with our Secured Loan Note opportunity from the High Street Group (HSG).

You'll have the chance to hear from the Director of the Secured Loan Note programme at [...]

Aquatics Centre - Stratford, London

The Rise of Build to Rent and How to Invest in it

28 02 2019

Build to Rent (BtR), or the Private Rental Sector (PRS) as it is also known, is the latest buzzword in property investment.

As the name suggests, BtR properties are purpose-built for renting. Typically they feature a si[...]

Nottingham Property Investment

Top UK Cities for Property Investment: Nottingham

06 02 2019

Boasting the highest rental yields in the country for 2018 and the largest business centre in the East Midlands, Nottingham buy to let represents a prime property investment opportunity for smart investors.

From its hilltop position in the heart of the UK, Nottingham has always been an important city [...]

2018 Property Investment Stats Header

UK Property Investment: 2018 in Numbers

04 01 2019

Which UK cities delivered the highest property price growth in 2018? Where can the best rental yields be found? How did the average property price of the Northern Powerhouse cities compare to London and the rest of the UK? To answer these questions and more, we’ve gathered reliable statistics from around the web to create the infographic below.


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