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Spotlight: Manchester

18 03 2021

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Spotlight: Manchester

18 03 2021

Not just the home of Oasis, Manchester United and The Lowry, Manchester is the people’s city, benefitting from extensive regeneration, population growth and a wealth of investment opportunities. We uncover why Manchester is one of the best locations to invest in, providing the most lucrative opportunities in the current climate.

Northern Powerhouse Since the launch of the Northern Powerhouse initiative, Manchester is [...]

UK Property Market - Post-Covid Era

10 03 2021

On 22nd February, Boris Johnson announced the nations ‘roadmap to recovery’, unveiling his 4-s[...]

Four Myths of Property Investment - Debunked

10 02 2021

One of the main things people look for when investing in property is trust; trust in the market, and trust in who they invest with. However, there are many common myths that can create hesitation among potential investors entering the market. This article aims to debunk the common misconceptions in the property investment landscape and shed light on the realities of investing in residential property.

Myth 1: It's not a good time to invest When is defined as the right time to invest? The 'ri[...]

Residential VS Commercial Investments

03 02 2021

At the start of an investment journey, the initial question you may ask yourself is whether to invest in residential or commercial property. In this article, we discuss the implications of both investment opportunities in the current climate.

Demand Both commercial and residential sectors are driven by the level of supply and demand[...]

Why Invest in a 2-Bed Property?

15 01 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused an influx of change in our lives, mainly transforming the way we work. For the last 10 months, working from home has become part of the ‘new norm’ and has influenced many to prioritise space in the home, to live work and play.

Changes caused by the pandemic Being confined to four walls, months on end, has led people [...]


Planning Your 2021 Investments

07 01 2021

The last year put forward a whole host of challenges, and while the UK has entered another lockdown, the property market remains resilient, proving to be one of the sectors unaffected by the ever evolving economic and political decision making.

Here are a few reasons to be positive for the year ahead in property: On 24th December, the[...]

Penthouse/Townhouse Phenomenon

16 12 2020

Any property investor worth their salt is always on the lookout for the next opportunity, and this time it has come in the form of penthouse/townhouse investments. As the new – and very luxurious – kid on the block, this is the investment also known as a cash-generating phenomenon that is making waves in the property world thanks to an influx of wealthy overseas investors setting their sights on high-end UK properties as well as increased local and national investment.

A Thriving Market In another nod to the resilience of the property market in the face of CO[...]

2020 – A Change in Direction

07 12 2020

This past year, there has been a number of factors which have shaped the property market, from mortgage lending criteria, the current unemployment climate, coupled with the recent news of Covid-19 vaccine in the New Year. However, in these unprecedented times, the property market has remained resilient, and surpassed expectations in recovery, with the market experiencing the highest growth in house prices (+3.5%) in almost 3 years.

How the year started out The expectations for the 2020 property market, pre Covid-19, had s[...]

Could Property be the UK’s Greatest ‘Export’ post-Brexit?

24 11 2020

In a recent blog post, we took a deep dive into UK property from an overseas perspective with a focus on the influx of Hong Kong-based investors who are flocking to our market in droves thanks to its strength and resilience. For this post, we wanted to zoom out a little to look at the appeal of the UK property market through the eyes of international investors from all corners of the globe, not only Hong Kong, and consider what the market might look like in a post-Brexit landscape.

While COVID-19 has pushed the painfully protracted Brexit negotiations into the background of [...]

Hong Kong Calling: Why the UK is the hottest choice for Hong Kong investors

17 11 2020

One of the most reliable indicators of the desirability of specific investment markets is their global standing and reputation. The UK property market remains one of the most sought-after choices for Hong Kong investors, who represent an elite group seeking the highest quality investments, returns and opportunities for portfolio diversification.

But exactly why is UK property such an attractive prospect for Hong Kong-based investors? H[...]


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